You Can Win Public Bids!

Sick of digging through piles of construction bids looking for parks and recreation projects? We can help!

PRB is the sales team for CivilScape News -- a parks and recreation specific bid engine.

What to Expect

Be The First To Know

The key to winning parks and recreation bids is knowing they exist in the first place. Your subscription to the CivilScape News bid database ensures you'll not only know about projects going to bid, but you'll be the first to know.

Get Specified

We'll deliver a steady stream of project data (pre-bid, actively bidding, bid updates) to your Inbox each week - ensuring you have every opportunity to respond first and/or get specified.

Ease Of Use

We'll deliver bids that pertain to you and your product or service to your email Inbox each Tuesday. Plus, we'll provide a login to the CivilScape News database so you can search on your own.

Win Bids & Grow Revenue

Because you and your team will have access to the most current bid documents before anybody else, you'll be in a great position to win bids and grow revenue. Now that's just fun!

Why This Matters

Parks and recreation agencies spend year-in and year-out to maintain their facilities and programs regardless of the health of the economy.

Reliable Budgets

Parks and recreation agencies are funded through local taxes, federal and state grants, and fee-based services. In good times and bad, they have money to spend.

You Will Get Paid

A purchase order from a public parks and recreation agency is as good as gold. You don't have to chase the money down, worry about bad debt or collection calls.

Great People

Parks and recreation people spend their entire life trying to make their communities happier and healthier. They're a joy to work with!

Get It!

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